About Us

Major appliances—ranges, washers/dryers, refrigerators, water heaters and dishwashers—can only work as well as the hoses, cords and other accessories you use with them.

Before Kelaro launched its first product, most consumers were limited to buying generic or lower-grade appliance accessories—the kind bundled with new appliances, supplied by installers, or sold to DIYers by hardware retailers.

These generic products come in one size, one color, aren’t durable and need replacement over and over. These limitations cost money, down time, increased stress and may damage your home.

Enter Kelaro

Kelaro began to bridge this gap for the first time in 2016, by engineering high-quality, feature-rich washer hoses, and selling them at prices less than or equal to generic hoses from big-box stores.

Kelaro’s “standard” grade products compare to professional grade products and are fully guaranteed, but you can buy them directly at competitive prices.


Kelaro Now and Future

Today, Kelaro standard washer hoses have become the direct to consumer leaders, and are still our top seller. We’ve added multiple lengths and colors, plus a range of materials, fittings and features. You won’t have to worry about replacing Kelaro top-quality stainless steel hoses!

In the meantime, we’ve been busy expanding our line to include washer discharge lines, durable dryer vents, tankless water heater flush kits, and more. Our goal is to curate a premium collection of appliance accessories with unique features that can't be found in conventional hardware stores. All our products are engineered by us in Nevada and manufactured to our high specifications.



Kelaro Products

Our continuous design process aims to offer top quality alternatives to work with all your major appliances. Bookmark our site and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with new product introductions. We will not share your email address.